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Quick News about Me and My School Fair

I made this livejournal as my diary. So for my fanarts and doujinshi will be posted in my other livejournal : [info]angehibari  Though I'm not put anything yet.  :P But the fanarts is all ready. It's KHR and Eyeshield 21! XD

My School Fair today was really cool.

We have haunted mansion, chocolate fountain, face painting, sponge the teachers, henna, free cake, giant slide, etc.

It was fun.
That was until my sister forced me to go inside the haunted mansion with her.
I wasn't refuse. I want to go to.
So we wait.
Really wait.
Lined up.
Waited so long.

We waited for about An hour and a f**king half!!!!!

I was getting impatient. Really really pissed off.
Finally it was our turn. We get inside together.
It was pitch black without any light.
I was getting more and more excited.

I laughed at one of a boy who played a ghost -- which was my best enemy namely Mugen -- because he was disguised as a witch! He was a boy and yet, he crossdressed! I laughed and mocked him.

"You're look pretty!" and laughed. I wasn't scared and looked forward for the next part of the haunted mansion.

But my sister annoyed me. He cried and screamed, asked me to go back. I won't. I wanted to finish the game.
But she won't listen and started criying stupidly.
I yelled at her and forced her to go out alone cause i wanted to walk more.

She screamed like a crazy person.
The teacher asked me to go out with her. Grumbled, i dragged her out angrily.

Outside, I yelled at her and exploded.
I want to finish it! I want to get scared! I wasn't not even scared, that's why I want to! I want to playing around with the ghost! And It's ended without that!

I really wanted to punch her or anything!
But in the end i wasn't able too. Sorry for my rudeness because i put all my anger here.... *bows*

Thanks for reading. Excuse my English....
And I'm not putting it in the livejournal cut because i was so mad (!!!???) ....

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tehee_kira , senpai!!! Saya kangen! Berapa lama nggak berkomunikasi, ya? Katanya mau hiatus? Beneran?

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Anywayyyyy... I'm happy....
I found a bunch of XS doujinshi! *cries happily*
Though it's raw... Well, i can't read any of them at all!

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New Interest

You who do not know, yaoi, oh, please research about it. I'm to lazy to write it down know.
And, this autumn was my first time to fell onto such a good pairing from KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN!
Let's see... My most beloved pairing should be:

Read more...Collapse )Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! *waves from inside the blanket to nobody*

Unacceptable Series : Summary

First, i just gonna to tell the summary.

It's my original story.
The title is 'Unacceptable', because this story is a complete tragedy, also have a sad ending and the story somewhat too angsty. well, it's my hobby after all to make a sad stories. And i enjoyed it.
This story consisted to a guy named Amaya Kikutoudoh (don't care, i like this name and purposely use it on my own character, and its a guy, the truth, i'm a girl) who just lost his girlfriend, Sakuya Odagiri.
After his girlfriend's gone, his friends separated and Amaya gone to the study abroad in America. And 2 years later, Amaya came to Japan to holiday. Meet his step brother, Ameno. His purpose to back to Japan is to meet his family. But somehow, his life broken after accidentally forced by a clueless waiter, a mysterious taxi driver and his friends' secret. And his world began to crumble after all the secret revealed....

Read, please? I'm really confident to this story. I will post it later, but not long.

It's a sad story about love and friendship.
Where they must choose one.
But when one of them gone, they have no other choice.
And lying around in desperate.

It's a story about life.
When the life is so hurt and painful.
When everyone just can't accept it.

It's a story of a guy.
Who never really care about anything but himself.
And when he found a friend an lover, he start to smile.
But when they gone, he never going to back.

It's a story about the trust and truth.
When a trust just too big, and no one can believe it.
When truth is too painful, and tears always fell.
When the trust and truth mixed, no one can't feel like it.

It's a tragedy.
Where all of it gone too well.
But no happiness will be found in the end....

Okay, for the last sentence, i'm kidding! The ending will be good, absolutely. For me, of course. I don't know if you will like it.
And to tell you, the Unacceptable have 2 kind of series. First in English, and second in Bahasa.
Hope you will like it!!!

Eden of The East / Higashi no Eden

On November, 22, 2010, ten missiles strike against uninhabited areas of Japan, claiming no victims. This apparent terrorist act is referred to as "Careless Monday" and disregarded by most people. The series begins three months later, with a young Japanese woman named Saki Morimi visiting Washington D. C. as part of her graduation trip. When she gets into trouble, a mysterious Japanese man, who introduces himself as Akira Takizawa, helps her through it. The man appears to have no memory and is completely naked, carrying only a gun and a cell phones charged with 8.2 billion yen in digital money. The cell phone has the phrase, noblesse oblige("nobility obligates" or "noble's obligation" in English), printed on it. While they are coming back to Japan, they learn that a new missile attack has taken place in their country.
Then Takizawa discovered the secret organitation named "Selecao" and it's 12 members.
The battle begin...

[Copied From Wikipedia]

Amaya Aggie Kikutoudoh's Comment : This anime is so damn cool! The story is just too complicated. Fell in love at the first sight! Furthermore, It's a thriller movie! There is a fanservice, here. But it's still save. For you who a complete OTAKU, try to watch it!!!

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